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Timber Frames 
3D Modeling 
CNC Cutting 

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About Us

TEAM TIMBER is a full-service Timber Frame company which consists of consultants, designers, brokers, engineers & contractors to help through the entire building process. We are here to help and make building a timber frame as easy as possible! 

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We are here to help and make building a Timber Frame as easy as possible!


3D Modeling

  • 3D Modeling:

  • Timber Frame/Post and Beam Design

  • Conventional Framing

  • SIP Layouts

  • 3D Walk-Throughs 

  • Full BIM Integration



  • Douglas Fir

  • Glulams

  • Red Oak

  • Western Red Cedar

  • Southern Yellow Pine

  • Eastern White Cedar

  • Eastern White Pine

  • White Oak

  • Exotic wood


CNC Cutting

  • Hundegger Robot Drive – Able to provide full Timber Frame Kits (in as little as 2 weeks, typically 4-6-week lead-time once final plans are approved.

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3D Design/BIM Modeling 

Utilizing BIM with our state of the art 3D construction software we can model just about anything ideal for:

Architecture Model Sketching


Mechanical Engineer's Sketch


Using Tools

Building Contractors

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Home Owners

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Looking For More

Contact our experts to get a plan of your choice

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We strive to help on all levels of Timber Frame and Post and Beam Construction and for those who want to cut their own frames, we have put together a collection of stock plans to help. The plans found here are a wonderful way to get started with your project. Each plan contains renderings, frame elevations, timber list, fastener list, construction drawings and most importantly single beam drawings! Some plans offer even more detail so be sure to check their description to see what is included. Also, keep in mind the renderings are showing just one conceivable way our frames can look when completed. So, we encourage our customers to get creative and take our frames and make them their own. Whether that means taking a Barn frame and turning it into a Home or combining multiple frames together, the possibilities are really endless, and we are here to help make it all work for you.  We are always expanding our stock plan library so be sure to check from time to time for new plans. We appreciate feedback from our customers, so feel free to let us know if there were something you would like to see, and we will consider that for future plans.

Stock Plans

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Cabin Plans

We have put together a collection of Cabins in a variety of styles to have something appealing to everyone. 

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Barn Plans

Our Barn collection features mostly classic style Barn Frames that would complement most homes or work great as a stand-alone building.  

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Garage Plans

Our Garage Plans feature some of the same Frames as our Barns with some others strictly designed to be Garages.  


CNC Cutting

Team Timber is Fully Equipped to provide High Quality CNC Pre-Cut Timber Frame Kits that are delivered ready to assemble!  All Kits come with all Frame related hardware such as Structural Wood Screws and Hardwood Pegs.  Along with the CNC Pre-Cut Kits, we can also offer Premium Grade Roof and Floor Decking. We try to make the process as seamless as possible from design to completion.  Customers can choose from our Stock Frame Collection, or we can create a Custom Frame to ensure they get exactly what they want.   Reach out today to get started on your very own CNC Cut Frame Package!

















Customers Reviews

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"I have been in construction my whole career and building the timber frame with Team Timber was the best experience of my life.  From architectural design through Timber Frame completion Team Timber is fantastic."

Tom S.

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