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TEAM TIMBER was started to help people that have a passion for working with wood and love the beauty of a timber frame structures.  Our goal is to make the process of designing, ordering, cutting and erecting as easy as possible.  We are here to help the homeowner tackle a small backyard shed to the professional contractor building a large horse barn.  

TEAM TIMBER has many stock plans to choose from that are designed to be strong and beautiful but easy to cut and assemble.  Most plans have many mortise and tenon joints but also include the use of structural screws to help cut down on the time spent with tricky layouts and joinery that can be very time consuming.  


TEAM TIMBER doesn't just sell stock plans!  Although we have many plans to choose from, we don't stop there.  If you have a design already in mind but just can't seem to figure out how to get it on paper, call us today!  We have helped people that have brought their ideas to us on a napkin.  We can generate a custom set of plans giving you all the features of our stock plans which include renderings, elevations, construction drawings, timber list, fastener list and single beam drawings.  Everything the town will need to release a building permit.  If your town requires an engineers stamp we can help with that too!  

TEAM TIMBER also does much more than plans. We help in all other areas as well. Whether you are looking to cut your own frame and just need the necessary hardware, or you are looking for an entire hardware and pre-cut frame package we can get you what you need. We have sought out the best timbers, screws, connectors, and everything else timber frame related in order to provide them to our customers.  We have relationships in all areas of the field with suppliers who provide top of the line products that we can offer at competitive prices. We strive to be the "go-to-guys" for everything timber frame and want to make things as easy as possible for our customers. 

Here are some frequently asked questions and anwers

1.  What do the plans include?

 All plans are very detailed and come with renderings, elevations, construction         drawings, timber list, fastener list and single beam drawings.  However, the stock plans are not designed for a specific area and may require additional engineering which can be provided upon request.  

Question 1

2. How will I receive the plans?

Upon check out you will receive a download link immediately that will last for 30 days.

Or, at check out your email address will be required and electronic files will be sent to you within 24 hrs.  Once you've received the files you can then bring them to a staples, office max or a local print shop.   Plans should be printed on 11 x 17 paper for easy viewing.

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3.  Is there a return policy?


If for any reason you are you unhappy with the plans, please send us an email within 30 days and we will refund your money!  If payment was made with a credit card processing fees will be deducted from refund. 

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4.  Can I make modifications?

YES, but understand some modifications can result in a total redraw and will fall under the category of CUSTOM PLANS.  The stock plans are designed freely from Team Timber and that's how we keep the cost WAY down.  Custom plans require more effort and customer support since we give full attention and a one on one experience.  Our shop design rate is $75 per hour for consulting, designing and troubleshooting.  

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5.  Can I order custom plans?

Team Timber encourages you to order custom plans!  Although custom plans are more expensive than our stock plans you can get exactly what you want and more!  We start from scratch with your ideas and turn them into reality.  Custom plans can include foundation layouts, wall build ups, roof build ups and MORE!  

Question 5

6.  How much do custom plans cost?

Custom plan will range in price due to simplicity or complexity.  Shop design time is billed out at $75 per hour and most plans cost around $1.60 per square foot of the buildings footprint.  The $1.60 per sq ft price includes renderings, elevations, foundation details, construction drawings, window/door layouts, timber list, fastener list and single beam drawings.  Please email our design expert for more details!

Question 6

7.  Why are the stock plans so much cheaper than the custom plans?

Stock plans do not included foundation layouts, window/door layouts, wall build ups, roof build ups and specific area engineering.  All stock plans can be modified, adding more details if needed.  The intentions of the stock plans is to give the homeowner/builder a great start at timber frame project without breaking the bank and most of the time the stock plans is all you need!

Question 7

8.  What is the quickest way to get answers to my questions?

Due to heavy call volume, the best way to get answers is by email.  Please email Greg at   

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9.  Can Team Timber design full house plans?

No, Team Timber concentrates on the structural frame aspect.  However, our plans can include architectural elevations, floor plan layouts, window/door schedules and section details which sometimes it's all you need!  

Question 9

10.  Can the plans be stamped by an engineer?

YES, Team Timber works with many engineers that are licensed in every state and Canadian Providences.  If a plan needs a stamp we can make it happen!

Question 10

11. Why buy plan and hardware package?

This package is designed for the person who wants to cut their own frame and have all the necessary hardware to raise and connect it. It takes the guess work out and makes installation a breeze. 

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12.  Why buy plan, hardware and pre-cut frame package?


These packages are designed for the person who wants everything to be provided and shipped to their site ready to be installed. A true all-inclusive package for you or your contractor to easily raise your frame.

13.  Can I order just hardware?

Yes, our shop is there for you to purchase whatever hardware you may need, whether you bought a plan from us or not. We are always adding to it as well.  So if you are looking for something that is not offered, just ask and we will see if we can get it for you.

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14.  What type of joinery should I use?

There are many factors that go into deciding what joinery to use. We are equipped to help with all types, from traditional mortise and tenon to using new concealed and exposed bracketry.  It is best to get in contact with us to see what best suits your needs.

15.  Do you install frames?


Yes, we do install frames if they are in our local area.  Let us know where you plan to build to see if we can help with that stage. 

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