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This Mortise and Tenon Entry Roof is 32" x 54".  It is designed to fit nicely over most doors to add cover and character.  It uses 4x6 posts, rafters, plate and ridge beams, and 4x8 tie beams and wall braces.  The plan consists of 12 pages including a material list, front, back, right and left layouts, rafter/plate layout, fastening details, and single beam drawings.  Use our plan to start this fun project today!


Frame Specifications:

  • Size: 32" x 54"
  • Joinery: Mortise and Tenon
  • Posts: 4x6
  • Plate Beams: 4x6
  • Tie Beams: 4x8
  • Rafters: 4x6
  • Ridge Beam: 4x6
  • Roof: 9 Pitch


Plan Specifications:

  • Rendering
  • Material List
  • Front/Back Layout
  • Left/Right Layout
  • Rafter/Plate Layout
  • Single Beam Drawings
  • Fastening Details

32" x 54" Mortise and Tenon Entry Roof

SKU: MT9G3254-E
  • The CNC Pre-Cut Frame for this Entry Roof starts at $1,695.  Contact us for more information.

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