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16' x 16' T-REX Pavilion

Frame Specifications:

Size: 16' x 16'
Joinery: T-Rex Connectors
Posts: 8x8
Plate Beams: 8x12
Tie Beam: 8x12
Rafters: 4x10 and 4x12
Knee Braces: 4x6
Roof Purlins: 2x4
Roof: 8 Pitch
Wall Height: 9' with 2' above grade pier
Rafter Overhang: 2'

Plan Specifications:

Frame Elevation
Material List
Post Layout
Beam Layout
Rafter Layout
Single Beam Drawings
Fastening Details


This 16' x 16' Pavilion uses T-Rex Connectors making it easy to cut and assemble with no complicated joinery. It's designed to sit on stone veneered piers, 2' above grade. When finished, you end up with about 8' from the ground to the bottom of the plate and tie beams. It has an 8-pitch hip roof with a 2' rafter overhang. The 16-page plan gives you everything you need including a 3-D rendering, timber and fastener lists, frame elevation, post layout, beam layout, rafter layout, fastening details, and all single beam drawings. The frame is made up using 8x8 post, 8x12 plate and tie beams, 4x6 knee braces, 2x4 roof purlins, 4x10 rafters and 4x12 hip rafters. It would be great next to your pool, in the backyard or anywhere you want to enjoy the outdoors while being under cover. Use these plans to get started today!

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