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This 54" Shed Roof Mortise and Tenon Entry would be a great addition to any entry way.  Whether you are looking to match the main roof or do something different than the rest of the house, this entry will be sure to provide a welcoming feel to your home.  The plan gives you everything you will need to cut and assemble the entry, including a 3D rendering, timber and fastener lists, front/back and left/right layouts, rafter/plate layout, fastening details, and all single beam drawings.  The frame uses 4x6 posts, 4x6 and 6x6 plate beams, 4x6 rafters, 4x6 knee braces, and 4x6 tie chords.  Get started today with this set of plans! 


Frame Specifications:


  • Size: 54" x 54"
  • Joinery: Mortise and Tenon
  • Posts: 4x6 and 6x6
  • Plate Beams: 6x6
  • Tie Chords: 4x6
  • Rafters: 4x6
  • Knee Braces: 4x6
  • Roof: 3 Pitch
  • Rafter Overhang:  8"


Plan Specifications:

  • Rendering
  • Material List
  • Front/Back and Left/Right Layouts
  • Rafter/Plate Layout
  • Single Beam Drawings
  • Fastening Details

54" x 54" Shed Roof Entry

  • The buyer agrees that when purchasing a plan, they may only build one structure or building per plan bought.  They cannot reproduce the plan or any part of it without written consent of Team Timber.

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