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This 24' x 36' Mortise and Tenon Pavilion frame is a great size with unlimited possibilities!  It is made up with 8x8 posts, tie beams, and rafters; 8x12 plate beams, structural ridge beams, and girders; 6x6 angle braces; 4x6 knee braces; and 4x8 rafters as well.  The plan is 30 pages giving you renderings, frame elevations, material lists, post layouts, all wall layouts, rafter layout, fastening details, and all single beam drawings.  Use it as a Pavilion as its name suggests, or close it in and make it a barn, workshop or whatever you can imagine.  Use our plans and your creativity to create your dream building!  Get started today with these comprehensive plans!


Frame Specifications:


  • Size: 24' x 36'
  • Joinery: Mortise and Tenon
  • Posts: 8x8
  • Plate Beams: 8x12
  • Tie Beam: 8x8
  • Girder: 8x12
  • Rafters: 4x8 and 8x8
  • Ridge Beam: 8x12
  • Knee Braces: 4x6
  • Angle Braces: 6x6
  • Roof: 8 Pitch
  • Wall Height:  8'
  • Rafter Overhang:  1'


Plan Specifications:

  • Rendering
  • Frame Elevations
  • Material List
  • Post Layout
  • All Wall Layouts
  • Rafter Layout
  • Single Beam Drawings
  • Fastening Details

24' x 36' Mortise and Tenon Pavilion

SKU: MT8G2436-P
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