Don't want to cut your own frame?  Save time and money on tooling with our pre-cut frames!


Timber Frame CNC Cut
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Are you looking for a perfectly cut timber frame ready to assemble?  Team Timber is here to help!  Check out our gallery of frames to get an idea for your next project.

What is Included?

  • CNC cut to perfection ready for assembly 

  • Douglas Fir, Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar, Pressure Treated or Glulams

  • S4S up to 16" x 24" (S4S- surfaced 4 sides, 1/2" under full dimension)

  • Full mortise and tenon or T-Rex system

  • Custom plans

  • On site delivery

  • Optional- Kiln dried timber

  • Optional- Finish sanding 

  • Optional- Staining


Timer Frame Kit

Team Timber can provide all the timbers needed for your project at competitive prices!  

Take the guess work out of ordering and delivering your timbers and let Team Timber do it for you!  Team Timber can also provide siding, flooring and roof decking.

What Species?

  • Douglas Fir (rough sawn or S4S)

  • Eastern White Pine (rough sawn or S4S)

  • Western Red Cedar (rough sawn or S4S)

  • Pressure Treated 

  • Glulams

Timber Trim

We also offer Timber Trim to add to any existing space, to give you that "Timber' feel. From ceiling systems including trusses, joists, etc... To entry roofs, porches and everything in between. Everything will be custom fit to your space to ensure a natural look.  Let us help you achieve the style and vision you have always dreamed of. 

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Kiln Drying

Dfir FOHC kiln dry.jpeg

Drying wood is an important part of processing lumber.  To do so we use a vacuum kiln, which is much faster and uses less energy than other traditional high-heat kilns.  The wood comes out cleaner, flatter, straighter, and with almost no checking while maintaining its original color.   All the siding and roof and floor decking we offer is always kiln dried, and the timbers we offer have the option to be kiln dried.