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We work in a 3D environment, meaning we actually "build" while using our software.  We place true to life elements when we are designing such as timbers, pegs, siding, screws, etc...  By doing this we ensure the structures will be exactly how they are intended to be when the construction process begins.  We can eliminate a lot of mistakes and oversights before they happen as well.  You could think of us as "3D Contractors", we take our knowledge from building in the real world and use the software's power to streamline the entire building process for our clients, which results in saving time and money.  

How we Begin

So, you have an idea and want to take the next step?  Do you have plans and want a 3D model?  Great!   Bring us your plan, a sketch on a napkin, some pictures you found on the internet or whatever you may have, and we will put something together for you. From there we can tweak it until it is exactly what you are looking for.  With our state of the art design software we can even take you on a 3D, virtual walk-through of your building so you can get a real feel for what it will look like inside and out. 

Image brought to us by customer from hotrodders.com

Rendering created from image

Actual finished photo

Screenshot of virtual walk-through

Actual finished photo

Included Items

Next, we start to build your frame using our state-of-the-art construction software.  Once we have that done, we can create the entire set of plans.  That will include renderings, elevations, construction drawings, timber lists, fastener lists and single beam drawings.  They make it extremely easy for the DIY'er and professional contractor alike to order material and hardware, as well as cut and raise their frames. Depending on your needs we can also add "extras" to the structural frame plan.  Typical "extras" include, architectural elevations, 3D renderings, foundation details, floor framing, window, and door framing (including stick framing), wall and roof build-ups, and staircase details.


Every frame is drawn in a 3D environment, which makes it easy to see any errors in the frame and correct them before the final plan is complete

              TIMBER LIST

A timber list is automatically generated giving you the power to price shop at your local mills.  Knowing the list is accurate is an incredible value in itself!  

      First Floor Framing Plan
This shows all first floor framing including size of material, spacing,layout and fastening details to foundation where necessary..
     Joist/Girder and Beam Layout
Easy to follow layout for joists, girders and beams.  All pieces are clearly labeled and dimensioned.
               RAFTER LAYOUT
Here we layout all rafters with overall dimensions as well as a running dimension to all the rafters.  This makes it quick and easy to layout.

We show a cross section view of your building and label all components to show you exactly how it is intended to be built.  From the foundation up to the roofing material you will see all the materials clearly labeled to provide an invaluable reference.  


Elevations are provided showing the front, back, right and left side of the structure to help with placement at the building site.

The foundation plan includes a plan view drawing and section views showing the location and size of footings, piers, columns, foundation walls, and supporting beams.
 First and Second Floor Post Layout
Here all posts from first and second floor are located and dimensioned in relation to each other. They are also labeled for easy identification and placement. 
              Wall Layouts
Here we show side views of the left, right, front and back wall framing. Again all pieces are clearly labeled and dimensioned for easy  identification. 
Fastening details include a rendering with exploded views showing you exactly how every  connection used in the plan is made!  Also, we generate a list of fasteners so you know exactly how many you need.

Every structural member get its own single beam drawing.  This is what sets our plans apart!  You get to see exactly what the member looks like as you are laying out your marks to cut....PRICELESS!

Custom Plan Inquiry

If you are interested in a set of custom plans, please fill out this form to give us as much information as possible to help us better serve you.

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