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Log Cabin Model 5
        14' x 16'
Cabin Model 5 Cover.png
Key Features:
  • Size: 14'x16

  • Roof Pitch: 6

  • First Floor Height: 8'-2"

  • Overall Height: 11'-10"

  • Log Size: 6"x8"

  • Post Size: 7"x7"

  • Rafter Overhang: 1'-4"

  • Rafter Size: 4"x6" @ 2'-8" O.C.

  • Ridge Beam Size: 6"x12"

Log Cabin Kit Package:

  • Starting at only $12,995


Model 5 is a 14'x16' one story cabin.  It offers a completely open floor plan with vaulted ceilings.  It is designed for a full glass gable wall on one end to bring the beauty of your landscape in.  The other walls are full log apart from an entry door.  The entry door on the right wall is designed to be a 36" wide door.  It's a simple design that we can see in many locations, all that is missing is your imagination to finish this great little cabin.

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