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Log Cabin Kits

On top of Timber Frame Pre-Cut Kits, we now offer Log Cabin Kits.  We have several cabin plans designed and can design custom cabins as well.  We use kiln dried Eastern White Pine #2/BTR for our logs and posts.  The cabins are made up in sections of 6"x8" logs and 7"x7" and 10"x10" posts.  The logs slide into a groove in the posts and are then fastened together with a toe-screw.  The logs then simply stack on top of each other with strips of Ethafoam in between to create a tight seal and are fastened down to each other with a screw 24" O.C.   All other necessary components for the structural frame go together just as easy as well.  Including built-in pockets for rafters and floor joists, and mortise and tenon joinery for the post to ridge beam connection.  For the gable ends, the interior and exterior Eastern White Pine siding is included, however the framing is not, allowing you or your contractor to use the insulation of your choice for that area.  For the roof and floor decking we provide you with tongue and groove Red Pine.  We also provide all the necessary screws and pegs for installation, as well as an assembly plan and technical support either by phone or email.  All components of the kit can be stained as well, to give you the look and protection you are looking for. 

What is Included

  • LogHome EWP #2/BTR KD

  • Posts

  • Beam and Joist for Loft

  • Floor / Roof Decking ( Red Pine)

  • Interior and Exterior Gable Siding (Eastern White Pine)

  • Rafters

  • Ridge

  • Ethafoam

  • All Screws

  • Wood Pegs

  • Assembly plan

  • Technical support (Email or Phone)

Assembly Process

Below are some photos to give you an idea of a typical assembly of our log cabin kits. 


First course of logs being set. 


Exterior view of logs and corner post.


Exterior view of assembled logs walls ready for rafters.  Notice the top course logs are pre-cut to accept rafters.  Also, the course underneath has the rounded profile squared-off where the rafters sit to allow for a tight fit from the log to the rafter's birdsmouth.    


Exterior view of assembled walls, rafters, and gable framing.  Notice logs are pre-cut for window and door openings on all our stock models. All logs are clearly labeled and correspond with assembly plan for quick and easy installation.  


Top of log with strips of Ethafoam and spray foam to fill any voids between log and post. 


Interior view of walls and posts.  Note the size of the interior posts, we only use generous sized timbers to ensure plenty of strength and a bold look.  


Here we show the ridge posts with braces ready to accept the ridge.


Here we show the roof decking being installed.  The roof decking provided will be enough for a 16" overhang on the gables which matches the rafter overhang on the side walls. 


Interior view of assembled log walls, center beam and joists.  Again, note the size of the timbers, heavy duty for a high quality look.

Interior view of loft, ridge, rafters and roof decking.  Notice the components of this frame were pre-stained at our factory to create a stunning contrast underneath the natural roof decking.  Also, take note of the gable framing done on-site by the home owner or contractor, we do provide the interior and exterior siding for the gables. 

photo 3.jpg

Exterior view of finished cabin.  This cabin, Model 2, is 16'x16' with a loft.  (Snowmobiles not included)


Interior view of finished cabin.  This is also Model 2, decorated nicely for the holidays.  

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