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Who We Are

TEAM TIMBER is a full-service Timber Frame company which consists of consultants, designers, brokers, engineers and contractors to help through the entire building process.  We work with traditional mortise and tenon joinery, post and beam style with connectors , as well as a combination "hybrid" style.  We use state of the art, 3D construction software to design and create custom plans to the highest degree of accuracy utilizing BIM integration.  The software also writes the machine processes for the CNC, which allows us to offer precise pre-cut frame packages.  In addition to cutting at our CNC Facilities, we also have the capability to kiln dry, sand, stain and even texturize all of our timbers.  We work closely with architects and building contractors who already have a design or may just have an idea.  We take that information and then create the perfect timber frame.  Once that is completed we can CNC Cut the frame and have it delivered within 6 weeks, and in some cases as little as 2 weeks!

 We are here to help and make building a timber frame as easy as possible!

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3D Design and 2D Drawings

Utilizing BIM with our state of the art, 3D construction software we can model just about anything.  Whether designing from scratch or using an existing set of plans we can model the building in 3D and include all necessary building materials.  For example, concrete, rebar, joists, plywood, sheetrock, timber frame, nails, screws, etc...  BIM integration allows us to provide extremely accurate material lists to help manage costs.  The software also enables us to offer 3D Walk-Throughs to give clients a real life "feel" for the building before finalizing a design.  Once the design is complete, we put together a plan we feel is as comprehensive as you will find.  Plans are an essential part to every building project, and we strive to offer the most detail and information to help the building process go as smooth as possible.    



Every frame is drawn in a 3D environment, which makes it easy to see any errors in the frame and correct them before the final plan is complete. 

Timber Frame Plans


Elevations are provided showing the front, back, right and left side of the structure to help with placement at the building site.

Timber Frame Plans


Every member has a unique label which is clearly shown on the construction drawings.  Not only is this part of the plan important for pulling the proper permits but lets you know exactly where the post and beams are placed!

Timber Frame Plans


A timber list is automatically generated giving you the power to price shop at your local mills.  Knowing the list is accurate is an incredible value in itself!  

Timber Frame Plans


Fastening details include a rendering with a translucent view showing you exactly how the connection is made!  Also, we generate a list of fasteners so you know exactly how many you need.

Timber Frame Plans


Every structural member get its own single beam drawing.  This is what sets our plans apart!  You get to see exactly what the member looks like as you are laying out your marks to cut....PRICELESS!


Team Timber is also able to provide you with top of the line hardware for your project. From screws to plates and connectors we can get you all the hardware you will need to complete your frame.  From our plans we create a fastener list that we can use to put together a hardware package specifically for you.  You can also put together your own order right from our website's shop. Below are some examples of the products we offer. 

Timber Frame Hardware
Timber Frame Hardware
Rothoblass Connectors.png

CNC Cutting

While using our state of the art design software we are able to provide CNC cut frames for any project.  We can provide these frames much quicker and to a degree of accuracy unmatched, when compared to hand-cutting a frame.  All pieces come clearly tagged with a number which corresponds with the plan provided for easy identification and assembly.  This makes for an extremely efficient building process.  All pre-cut frames are shipped directly to your site ready to assemble.  Contact us for a quote today!




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