We have put together a collection of what we feel are the most superior fasteners on the market today.  Below are some examples of what we offer and their applications.  All fasteners come in many different diameters as well as lengths.  We offer the most commonly used sizes for our frames in our store.  If you are looking for a size not listed please let us know and we will do our best to find it for you. 

1.                                     TBS
Timber Frame Hardware

Here we show a structural, flange head screw.  They are an essential fastener when working with timbers. Used to secure rafters, joists, girders and more. 

3.                                   LBS
Timber Frame Hardware

Here we have a round head screw for plates. Its cylindrical underhead makes it perfect for  fastening against metal into wood. 

2.                                   HBS
Timber Frame Hardware

Here is another commonly used screw.  This one has a pan head for countersinking.  It is very versatile and is used in all areas of building. 

4.                               VGZ
Timber Frame Hardware

Here we show a fully threaded screw with a cylindrical, countersunk head. It is extremely strong and is often used to couple beams and secure joists to girders. 


As with our fasteners , we found the best connectors possible.  They are high quality, and easy to use.  We want to be able to offer a solution to those loooking for alternate methods of joining their timbers.  So we have put together a collection which will make just about any connection you can imagine. 

1.                         T-REX

Here we have a connector used for all post and beam connections, called the T-Rex Connector.  The structural grade aluminum allows them to be used in any direction making every connection easily joined using one of these connectors.  The base of the connector is screwed to one of the pieces to be joined while the other piece to be joined gets slotted to accept the center section of the connector.  Holes for pins are drilled and then pins are installed to finish this extremely strong connection.  

2.                     UVT

Here is a concealed hook type connector for timber to timber connections. An extremely strong connection that can be totally hidden for a clean, finished look. 

4.                        DISC

Here we have another type of concealed connector.  This one uses a "disc" and a threaded rod to make this joint incredibly stable. 

3.           ALU Series

Here we show a concealed beam hanger.  These are used for Timber-to-timber shear connections, both perpendicular and inclined to the vertical plane.  The version with holes uses smooth aluminum dowels while the version without uses self-drilling dowels to finish the connection. 

5.      TYP X

Here we show a cross-shaped post base.  The bottom of the post gets slotted to accept the connector.  Then depending on the version either smooth or self-drilling dowels are used to finish the connection. 

Hardwood Pegs and Plugs

We also offer hardwood pegs and plugs for our customers.  For those using mortise and tenon joinery the pegs are what holds those joints tight for years to come.  When having to use modern fasteners such as screws, we offer plugs to cover the head of the screw ensuring a natural look.  

1.                        Pegs

We use 1'" hardwood pegs in a few different sizes depending on your needs.  They are all made from clear, straight grain hardwood for long lasting durability.  Their ends are chamfered for easy instaillation and finished look.  

2.                    Plugs

These maple plugs are 3/4" in diameter and 1/4" thick.  They're made for 3/4" holes and have tapered edges for easy installation.  They can also be sanded and stained if needed.  


For those who want to cut their own frames we want to make that process as easy as possible.  With that in mind, we have put together a group of tools that do just that.  Below are just some examples of what we offer at this time.  Please continue to check our tool shop as we are always adding to the collection.  Also check out our tool demonstration videos to see exactly how they all work.  

1.                  T-Rex Pro Slotter
2.           T-Rex EZ Slotter

Here we show a T-Rex Pro Slotter tool.  It can be used to square cut timbers, cut slots to accept the T-Rex connectors and even cut tenons.  It is an extremely versatile and easy to use tool.  

3.           T-Rex Chainsaw Guide

This is the T-Rex Chainsaw guide.  It clamps to the bar of your chain saw and rides on a rotary table we also offer,  It makes for easy and accurate cuts.  

Here is the T-Rex EZ Slotter.  It is used specifically for cutting the slot necessary for the T-Rex connector. 

4.      Drill Jigs
Timber Frame Tools, Post and Beam Tools

Here we show some drill jigs.  They are used for making the holes for the pins needed to secure the connectors.  They come sized for the specific timbers you are using making for quick and easy drilling, leaving you with a neat, professional look. 

Lone Tree.png

If interested in purchasing any items please contact us to order.  Please keep in mind that these are just some of the products we offer and are always looking for and adding more to our inventory.  As always if you are looking for something you do not see here, do not hesitate to ask us and we will do our best to help out. 

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