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24' x 36' T-REX 2-Story

Frame Specifications:

Size: 24' x 36'
Joinery: T-Rex Connectors
Posts: 6x8 and 8x8
Plate Beams: 8x12
Tie Beams: 8x12
Girders: 8x12
Joists: 6x8 and 8x8
Rafters: 4x10, 6x12 and 8x10
Dormer Headers: 4x16
Stair Headers: 6x8
Band Joists: 8x8
Knee Braces: 4x6
Ridge: 8x12
Roof: 10 Pitch
Wall Height: 1st Floor: 10', 2nd Floor: 4'-4" Knee Wall

Plan Specifications:

Frame Elevations
Material List
Post Layout
Foundation Layout
Joist Layout
All Wall Layouts
Rafter Layout
Single Beam Drawings
Fastening Details


This 24' x 36' T-Rex 2-Story Workshop with Dormers uses T-Rex Connectors making it easy to cut and assemble with no complicated joinery. It's a great size building that uses dormers on the front and back to offer even more functional space. The front dormer extends off the main building to add a welcoming entry way as well. The 73-page plan consists of a rendering, elevations, timber and fastener lists, post layout, joist layout, all wall layouts, rafter layout, fastening details, and all single beam drawings. The frame is made up using 6x8 and 8x8 posts and joists, 8x12 girders, plate, tie, and ridge beams, 8x8 band joists, 4x10 rafters and dormer rafers, 6x12 valley rafters, and 4x6 knee braces. Use these plans to get started today!

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