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18' x 24' 3 Gable Pavilion

Frame Specifications:

*Timbers are 1/2" Under Full Dimension*

Size: 18' x 24'
Joinery: Mortise and Tenon
Posts: 8x10
Plate Beams: 10x12
Rafters: 4x8, 6x12 and 8x10
Ridge Plates: 8x12 and 8x14
Truss Chord: 8x12
Knee Braces: 6x8
Roof: 10 Pitch
Wall Height: 9'
Rafter Overhang: 2'

Plan Specifications:

Frame Elevations
Material List
Post Layout
All Wall Layouts
Rafter Layout
Single Beam Drawings


This 18' x 24' Mortise and Tenon, 3 Gable Pavilion not only looks great, but offers so much great space for unlimited uses. Our 58-page plan gives you everything you will need including 3D renderings, frame elevations, material lists, post layout, wall layouts, rafter layout and all single beam drawings. The frame is made up with 8x10 posts, 10x12 plate beams, 4x8, 6x12 and 8x10 rafters, 8x8 truss chords, and 6x8 curved knee braces. Let us help you get started today!

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