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14' x 20' T-REX Workshop V2

Frame Specifications:

Size: 14' x 20'
Joinery: T-Rex Connectors
Posts: 6x6
Plate Beams: 6x10
Tie Beams: 6x10
Joists: 6x6
Rafters: 4x8
Siding Nailers: 4x4
Knee Braces: 4x5
Ridge: 2x10
Roof: 10 Pitch
Wall Height: 7'-10 7/8"

Plan Specifications:

Frame Elevations
Block Layout
Material List
Post/Plywood Layout
Plate/Joist Layout
All Wall Layouts
Rafter Layout
Single Beam Drawings
Fastening Details


This version of the 14' x 20' T-Rex frame will make a great workshop, shed/small barn or even a little cabin! The frame is designed around the T-Rex connector making it easy to cut and assemble with no complicated joinery! In this version we frame in a for a round window in each gable to add some extra light and a little bit of a different look. The 29-page plan consists of a rendering, elevations, block layout, base framing layout, plywood/post layout, all wall layouts, plate/joist layout, rafter layout, timber and fastener lists, all single beam drawings, and fastening details. Let us help you get started today!

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