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12' x 16' Frame

Frame Specifications:

Size: 12' x 16'
Joinery: Mortise and Tenon
Posts: 6x6
Plate Beams: 6x10
Tie Beams: 4x8
Collar TIes: 3x7
Rafters: 3x7
Ridge Beam: 2x10
Knee Braces: 4x6
Roof: 12 Pitch
Wall Height: 7' 10"

Plan Specifications:

Frame Elevations
Material List
Post Layout
Plate Layout
All Wall Layouts
Rafter Layout
Single Beam Drawings
Fastening Details


This 12' x 16' frame is most popular for a backyard shed. It is made up using 6x6 post, 6x10 plate beams, 4x8 tie beams and 3x7 rafters. If you want to build it on a wood platform please check out our 12x16 Wood Base plan!

NOTE- This plan is structural frame only. Please ask Team Timber about custom add-ons.

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