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20' x 20' Barn

201 Cover.png

Building Specifications:

  • Size: 20' x 20'

  • Total Square Footage: 400

Frame Specifications:

  • Joinery: Mortise and Tenon

  • Posts: 8x8 and 8x10

  • Plate Beams: 10x10

  • Tie Beams: 8x8

  • Rafters: 4x8

  • Wall Braces: 4x6

  • Wall Plates: 4x4

  • Door Posts: 4x6

  • Collar Ties: 2x8

  • Ridge Board: 3x10

  • Sill Plate Covers: 3x8

  • Truss Post: 4x6

  • Truss Web: 4x6

  • Bottom Chord: 4x6

  • Overhang Rafter: 4x6

  • Roof: Main: 8 Pitch

  • 1st Floor Wall Height: 9'-1 1/2"

CNC Cut Frame Package:

  • Starting at only $19,995

Full Plan Set:

  • Only $210

Barn 201 Frame
Barn 201 Frame

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Barn 201 Elevations
Barn 201 Elevations

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Barn 201 Fastening Details
Barn 201 Fastening Details

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Barn 201 Frame
Barn 201 Frame

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The simple post and beam line of building plans offer much more than just the structural frame plan. In addition to everything provided in our structural frame plans, we go above and beyond to show foundation plans, siding and roof area takeoffs, a trim schedule, door and window schedules, section views, trim details, and other related details. This 20' x 20' Barn is perfect for any property. It uses simple mortise and tenon joinery making it easy to cut for anyone with a few common tools. It features two 8' x 8' garage doors on the front which are ideal for storing cars or other large equipment. It has a standard "man door" on the right side along with a 30"x30" window. The left and back walls each feature two 30"x30" windows as well. Let us help you get started today!

CNC Cut Frame Package:

  • Includes CNC Cut Frame using S4S, FOHC Timbers

  • Premium Roof Decking

  • Frame Hardware

***Please Contact us for current market price***
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